Do you move outboard motors there is no fluids in it

We can move just about any product as long as it fits onto a pallet and is safe and secure for transportation

You can find all prices online at www.palletonline.co.uk

I'm looking to send a pallet with your service that is slightly different to standard size.

Yes this will be fine to ship this pallet it will need to be booked as 1 pallet space.

Are collections loaded onto the lorry using a pallet truck and tail lift?

Yes we do use Tail-lifts / Lift Assists to load the goods on and off our vehicles but we do require for this to be specified in the booking.

Are your drivers friendly?

We like to think we only take on board the best drivers in the UK!

We train them highly and know they will do the best job possible for our customers.

We aim to go over and above of what we see as the industry standard. We have a testimonials page where you can see examples of where we have helped our customers.

All of our employees work hard to deliver your freight and we aim to be better than the rest for your peace of mind.

Can you collect my pallet today?

You can book your pallet collection for the same working day as long as it is before 11.30am (some exclusions do apply). By default we always show the earliest possible collection date for your chosen delivery priority - you can of course choose a different date if you wish.

Can you provide me with a pallet and stretch wrap when the driver comes to collect

Yes we can supply you with a pallet and wrap on collection but we would require for the booking to be made before 17:00 the day prior to collection.

Currently looking for a new carrier to fulfil this for us. Are you an Amazon preferred carrier?

Yes we are one of Amazons preferred suppliers any bookings that are made with ourselves we do need to be supplied with the ASN/FBA number, the unit count and the carton count this then allows our central hub to make the booking into Amazon.

Do I need to be on site for my pallet collection?

We always recommend that you are on site when our driver comes to collect your goods.

When we arrive we will give you our details and you can ensure the items are loaded safely and efficiently on to our collection vehicle.

If you would like any confirmation we will be happy to sign a collection note that you should keep safe.

When we leave, you must ensure you give our driver any paperwork that will need to travel with the pallet - If you choose, we can print our own paperwork and use that.

In some case, we may not use paperwork and instead use Digital Signature Capture for proof of delivery. This is part of our ongoing commitment to paper waste.

Do i need to supply the palette or do you supply it?

We can supply the pallet and wrap service but this is at an additional cost of £25.00 + VAT and we would also require for the booking to be made before 17:00 the day prior to collection.

Do you deliver on weekends?

PalletOnline offer a Saturday morning delivery service.

Our office is only open between 08.00am and 1.00pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday. You can still book orders over the weekend but our drivers need to rest during this period. 

If you do need your freight delivering on a Saturday you can select this option during the booking stage.

Do you deliver to Amazon?

Yes, every day and to every delivery centre.

We operate a UK consolidation each night for our clients meaning your freight is looked after from start to finish, collection through to delivery.

Each delivery centre has one of our depots locally situated that delivers into Amazon daily. 

We just need certain information from you for us to deliver. Select "My delivery is going to Amazon" on the homescreen when getting your quote.

Do you do deliveries to Sweden?

Yes we do ship consignments to Sweden but I would need to get you a bespoke quote, to enable me to do this I will required the number of pallets, the size of the pallets and the collecting and delivery postcodes.

Do you offer business accounts?

Our service is guaranteed for consumer, personal and business users. We want to provide the same great service to everyone who has a need to ship freight reliably across the UK. We do however offer a business discount for users who regularly send freight. Once we can see you move on a more than regular basis we are able to offer discounts across all deliveries sent. Please contact a member of the online support team to enquire if you qualify for this service.

Good Afternoon I am looking to purchase around 450 standard pallets

Unfortunately we do not sell pallets as we are a haulier and we deliver freight across Europe on behalf of our clients

Hi can you price for a pallet delivery with the height of the pallet 2.5 metres please?

If you require to send a pallet of that height through our network this would need to be broken down over 2 pallets.

I can give you a quote if you like but I will require the collection and delivery postcode.

Hi I need a pallet from Leeds to the isle of Wight can you do it?

Yes we are able to help with your shipment if you would like me to get you a quote please can you supply a collection and delivery postcode.

Hi there, I'm looking to shift some alloy wheels and tyres from Kent to Warwick

If you can supply me with the full collection and delivery postcode I would be more than happy to get you a cost or you can visit www.palletonline.co.uk to get an instant quote.

How do I know what time my delivery is coming?

Palletonline have a very comprehensive pallet tracking page.

From our homepage website you can track your consignment's journey details. From the top of the screen it says "Order Tracking" and here is where you can find your delivery.

To track your delivery you need either the Booking Job Number, The Web Ref Number or the delivery postcode and the website will do the rest.

If you do not have any of the numbers you can always sign in to your account and track any of the booked orders from the "Bookings" area.

How does your insurance work?

Palletonline is a well established pallet collection and pallet delivery operator in the UK.

We have key alliances with the RHA (Road Haulage Association) and operate under their terms and conditions.

This means our standard service offering of Insurance is £1.30 per Kilo. This will cover most freight but if not, we offer an extended insurance cover of up to £5.00 per Kilo.

This extra cover can be stipulated through the booking stages. As with all things we transport, the freight must be well packed and suitable for transport by road. If they are deemed to be poorly wrapped or presented our insurance may not cover accidental damage.

I have 3 pallets that are 120cm x 120cm - Do I book 4 pallets spaces so i have the use of 4m?

If your pallets are 1.2m x 1.2m each then this will be fine to be booked as 3 pallet spaces

I have an industrial sewing machine to collect, this is table mounted, weight is 60-70kg

All goods do need to be palletised to send through our network. We can supply you with a Pallet & Wrap but there is an additional cost for this of £25.00 + VAT and this would need to be booked onto our system before 17:00 the day prior to collection.

I have thermal blankets that are not on a pallet and I need to get them from PO15 5RT TO LA3 3BM

Yes we can assist with your booking and we also offer the pallet and wrap service. If you visit our website www.palletonline.co.uk where you can get an instant quote.

I need a ford escort rear axle collected but the seller doesn't have a pallet

Yes we do offer a pallet & wrap service which is at an additional cost of £25.00 + VAT but we do require the booking to be made before 17:00 the working day prior to collection.

I need to send 200lb of parts which are on a pallet, from PO20 to Matlock. Can you price?

To enable us to give you a quote we would require the full collection and delivery postcode please. Please don't forget all our prices are available online.

I thinking of.buying four wheels and tyres from Norwick and l live in Brighton

Please can you supply me with a collection and delivery postcode so I can give you a quote.

I want some bumpers picked up but they will over hang the pallet by 50cm.

If each pallet overhangs by 50cm you will need to book 4 pallet spaces. If you need further help with this please call a customer care agent.

I want to transport 10 pallets of roof tiles whats the max weight per pallet if loading is done with

The maximum weight per pallet is 1000kg – if each pallet is 750kg or below you will need to select the tail lift option and if the pallets are over 750kg but a maximum of 1000kg you will need to select the lift assist option.

I'm bidding on a steel gas stove from Ebay but I am not sure if I can get it collected

Our standard pallet size is 1.2m x 1.0 we do offer the pallet and wrap service however we would require the booking to be made before 17:00 the day prior to collection. Before we am able to give you a quote we would need the dimensions of the pallet.

I've just bought an outboard boat motor from Plymouth and would like it delivering to Sheffield

Yes one our depots is situated in Plymouth and it would not be a problem for the goods to be collected and delivered via ourselves.

Is it possible to specify an AM collection. No PM staff or access unfortunately Collection from SK8

Yes you can specify an AM collection which you will find on our options page but we will require for the booking to be made before 17:00 hours the day prior to collection (Monday – Friday)

Other companies charge extra for insurance

It's the same scenario here as our low prices. PalletOnline don’t seek to make money from charging unnecessarily extras for insurance, which should form part of the delivery package. Our terms are standard UK RHA T&C's which is insured at £1.30 per Kilo. We can offer extra insurance and this can be booked during the booking stages. Extra cover can extend up to £5.00 per kilo.

The pallet could weigh approximately 300 kilos is this ok?

Yes the weight of the pallet will not be a problem if your goods are within the dimensions of 1.2m x 1.0 x 1000mm this can be booked as a ½ pallet.

The wheels and tyres would be on two separate pallets

With the dimensions of 144cm x 144cm x 28cm this would be classed as 4 pallet spaces and with the other measurements given of 110cm x 110cm x 25cm this would be 2 pallet spaces.

We are looking for a more reliable and cost effective pallet courier would you be able to help us?

Music to our ears! Of course we can help you. All our orders, pricing and tracking is done via our website here at PalletOnline. 

We are put off because you are so cheap

We get this a lot, but don't worry. PalletOnline deal with your freight directly so we are not a middle man. A lot of similar services effectively sub-contract customers orders to the cheapest carriers available at that moment in time. Due to that fact, the middle man needs to make a margin and this is why you will find more expensive prices elsewhere. Please do not be put off because we are more competitively priced. We deal with your orders from start to finish and guarantee our great service. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay more than you have to.

We currently supply Amazon warehouses throughout the UK with a number of pallets each week.

Yes we are one of Amazons preferred suppliers any bookings that are made with ourselves we do need to be supplied with the ASN/FBA number, the unit count and the carton count this then allows our central hub to make the booking into Amazon.

For any prices that you may require please visit our homepage and tick "Amazon" through the booking stage.

We have restricted access - preferably max 7.5t rigid truck. Does that change the price?

No, there is no additional charge for a 7.5T vehicle however when you are going through the booking process on the 2nd page into the booking where you input the full collection and delivery address below the full delivery address there is a box which says notes please ensure this is specified there so we can pass this information onto our collecting/delivery depot.

We have restricted access at TR11 5HE. You have delivered to us before with a small curtain sided?

If you could please put this instruction on the notes of the job we will ensure this information is passed over to our delivering depot

We're looking to have some Foamglas blocks, collected from Didcot and delivered to IV30.

We take great care when handling all freight however there is always a degree of risk and occasionally items can get damaged. 

We suggest that the goods are well packaged and secure to the pallet to minimise the risk.

What about the Olympics?

We have it covered!

Palletonline have a full delivery service in London during the Olympics and Paralympics - So don’t worry.

During the booking stages you must select Olympic Surcharge and this will pass through the relevant details to our operations departments.

If you do not select this charge we will call you to let you know. You delivery cannot happen until this charge has been paid.

Good Luck Team GB

What happens if my items get damaged along the way?

We would like to say we never get anything wrong but from time to time we may encounter an issue which could result in damage. If this happens we look to rectify as quickly as possible and settle the claim. All claims are paid out on weight of the goods. If you are unsure of your item costs and if our insurance would cover any damage please call one of our online agents and we can guide you through the process. Please remember that all claims are paid out by weight of the goods.

What is a 1/4 (Qtr) Pallet?

A Qtr pallet is a single pallet that when loaded takes up a space no larger than 1.2m x 1.0m x 0.6m high and 250Kgs. If you are unsure of your pallet size we have a handy guide at the top of our Hompage that shows you these sizes. We plan our vehicles on the volume we carry so if you book a Qtr pallet but it is in actual fact a full pallet you may be liable to extra charges.

What size pallet do I need to use?

We can collect most standard pallets of up to 1.2m wide by 1m in length. If you have a pallet that is not quite this size, please call us for assistance. If you do not have a pallet at all, simply choose the "Palletise and Wrap" option during checkout and we can bring an empty pallet along, load your goods onto it and wrap it up securely.

What time is your collection cut off time? I have a collection scheduled for today

Our latest pick-up times are 1700hrs. We are able top provide ETA's throughout the day if you prefer

When will you Deliver my Pallets?

We deliver when you ask us to!

During the booking stages you can stipulate a collection date and we will automatically calculate a delivery date depending on the service level you have asked for.

This is very easy to work out - On the opposite side of the page we show you an interactive calendar with 'Collection' and 'Delivery' Date sheets.

All of the collection and delivery dates are printed on each piece of communication.

Why are your prices so low?

Simply put its because we are not a freight broker and we are not a middle man. We provide the service directly with our strategic network of nationwide delivery depots.

Palletonline are extremely competitively priced and we benchmark our prices against other service providers in the UK.

Due to our large infrastructure and key alliances we aim to drive down the cost of Palletised Distribution across the UK. We have spent considerable time and effort in simplifying the pallet delivery supply chain model and have a solution that works well across the UK and Europe.

From time to time we will place an add on our home screen showing a specific discount - Make sure you use this code to get the new discounted price and book early to guarantee it.

We pride ourselves on the high service we are able to offer and believe our solution to be the best available.

Give us a go today or on your next order.

Why has the website changed?

PalletOnline is always looking to simplify the way in which customers book orders. We decided our website needed a revamp to make your life easier.

Our booking stages have been consolidated to make the booking process run more smoothly.

We hope you enjoy the new website and it would be great to hear how you get on.

Will you deliver to Amazon on my chosen day?

Yes we will.

Amazon sometimes instructs us to deliver your freight in line with their own booking system. We will manage this for you but it may mean we will deliver your freight a day late or possibly a day early. If Amazon make any changes to the booking slot we will communicate this to you.

You an still track your goods the same way, from the client area of from the homepage tracking link.

Your Amazon pricing is different, why?

Amazon deliveries are different because of the way we deliver your freight. When selecting Amazon in the quote screen we show the price which includes al of the charges to guarantee your delivery. Its only a little bit more expensive but this includes the booking service fee, the timed delivery fee and the amazon fee.

The price displayed is basically an all inclusive price (exc VAT) to facilitate your hassle free Amazon delivery.