Do you move outboard motors there is no fluids in it

We can move just about any product as long as it fits onto a pallet and is safe and secure for transportation

You can find all prices online at www.palletonline.co.uk

I'm looking to send a pallet with your service that is slightly different to standard size.

If your pallet is oversized you will need to book additional pallet space when ordering. You will need to add an extra pallet to your order for each side your goods over hang the pallet.

Are collection dates guaranteed?

In the transport industry many factors can occur that are outside of our control. While a large majority of pallet delivery orders do arrive on time. On the rare occasion orders can be late. We will always do our best to inform you of any developing situations that could cause a delay.

Are collections loaded using a pallet truck and tail lift?

Yes we do offer the use of tail-lifts and lift assists to load your pallet delivery on and off our vehicles. Please specific your requirements during the simple checkout process.

Are my goods insured with you?

Your palletised goods are insured up to £1.30 per kilo while your pallet delivery is with us. This is the standard for the industry and will cover most pallet deliveries.

Are the collection and delivery dates guaranteed?

Due to the nature of the transport industry things can happen outside of our control. We maintain a very high standard of our drivers reaching their collection and delivery destinations within a targeted time, but on the odd occasion this will not always be possible. We understand the important of your goods reaching the right location on time and endeavour to do our very best with each and every order placed on Pallet Online. 

Are there any collection restrictions?

Collections on soft ground such as soil, gravel or grass would be problematic and are not possible. We also cannot collect where it is illegal for a lorry to park and load or where the surface is unstable to park or load. This is the same situation for all pallet collection and delivery services.

If you are unsure if we can collect your goods then please contact us before ordering.

Are you approved by Amazon for fulfilment deliveries?

Our network of drivers are among the best in the business allowing our parent company to be fully approved by Amazon for your fulfilment deliveries. You can trust us to get your goods into the Amazon fulfilment centres and ready for to make you money via your FBA account.

Are your drivers friendly?

We like to think we only take on board the best pallet delivery drivers in the UK! We train them highly and know they will do the best job possible for our customers.

We aim to go over and above of what we see as the industry standard. We have a testimonials page where you can see examples of where we have helped our customers. All of our employees work hard to deliver your freight and we aim to be better than the rest for your peace of mind.

Can I get my pallet delivered at a specified time?

You can book a pallet delivery at a specific time if you require an urgent or time sensitive delivery. During our simple checkout process just check the option for a specified timed delivery and select your time.

If a specified delivery arrives early you are allowed to refuse to unload goods until the specified time if you wish to do so. In the unlikely event that a specified time delivery arrives late, you may be eligable for a refund on the additional cost for this added extra.

Can I put more than one SKU on a single pallet?

Yes, you can put as many items as you like on a pallet as long as it fits within the allowed maximum width and height that we allow for a single pallet. Please refer to our pallet size guide for these measurements. Please ensure that all paperwork for your items is on each pallet sent.

Can I setup a credit or business account?

Sorry we don’t offer credit accounts at the moment. However, start to place regular pallet delivery orders with us and we’ll certainly be in touch. We want to help help you move forward with us. Let's win togehter through a streamlined pallet courier service.

Can I track my delivery to Amazon?

Yes, absolutely! We want to keep you updated as much as possible. You can keep an eye on your order each step of the way via our Track Order page to see its latest updates on its journey to Amazon.

Can I track my order?

Absolutely, we want to give you piece of mind through your experience with Pallet Online. We have created a solid Track Order feature that updates the moment we have new information on your order. We’ll also send you an email upon your pallet reaching its hub and you will get another email upon successful delivery.

Can I track my pallet after collection?

Yes, Track Order is a feature we’ve been improving upon recently. Once you place an order with us we will provide you with a booking reference. You can use this throughout your pallet delivery to see the latest updates.

We relay back information from our drivers network directly into your Track Order page as soon as we have new information. You’ll also be alerted once your pallet arrives at a local hub and then again when it’s out for delivery to its final destination.

Can you collect my pallet today?

Yep, we're more than happy to do same day pallet collections during the week. Get your order in by 11.30am to be added to today's jobs. If you have more than three pallets to send we will need 24 hours notice. We also require 24 hours notice if your pallet needs to be palletised and wrapped by us.

If you're order on the weekend then the first pallet collection date would be Monday afternoon (except for bank holidays) for our pallet courier service.

Can you collect over the weekend?

We only collect and deliver during the week. Our incredible drivers are some of the hardest working men and women in the industry. It’s important to us and them that they have some down time during the weekends. They will be fully recharged and ready to deliver more pallets the following week.

Can you provide a fork-lift during collection?

A pallet truck will be provided by our driver that can move pallets, but for pallets that weigh over 750kg there must be a fork-lift on site provided by yourselves. This will allow for your goods to be moved safely. If a pallet is over 2.1 metres in length it will need to be fork lifted onto our vehicle as it would be too long to go safely on the tail lift. 

Can you provide me with a pallet and stretch wrap when the driver comes to collect

Yes we can supply you with a pallet and wrap on collection but we would require for the booking to be made before 17:00 the day prior to collection.

Can you provide me with pallets?

Yes, we can provide you with pallets, but you will need to give us a little time. We require 24 hours’ notice if our driver needs to bring a pallet to you. Once you’ve got a quote from us and you’re happy to move forward you will reach an options page in our checkout. You can select for us to provide you with a pallet at an additional cost. We will also wrap the pallet for you if we are providing the pallet. Please be aware that the driver will be alone and cannot move heavy goods or lots of small items onto a pallet alone.

Can you tell me more about your insurance coverage?

All transactions are undertaken in accordance with the Road Haulage Association’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage and Storage. Our liability for all UK road movements is subject to RHA which limits the liability to £1.30 per kilo. A copy of the RHA terms and conditions can be made available upon request.

We are unable to provide cover for certain product shipments such as certain types of glass, personal effects, bullion, cash and similar items.

In line with RHA terms and conditions we do not insure customers for consequential loss.

Do I have to wrap my pallet for Amazon?

Yes, all pallets must be stretch-wrapped in clear plastic with a ‘do not break stretch-wrap’ or ‘do not break down’ notification for the carrier. Pallets wrapped in black/opaque stretch-wrap may be rejected.

Do I need to be on site for my pallet collection?

We always recommend that you are on site when our driver comes to collect your goods. When we arrive we will give you our details and you can ensure the items are loaded safely and efficiently on to our collection vehicle.

If you would like any confirmation we will be happy to sign a collection note that you should keep safe. When we leave, you must ensure you give our driver any paperwork that will need to travel with the pallet - If you choose, we can print our own paperwork and use that.

In some case, we may not use paperwork and instead use Digital Signature Capture for proof of delivery. This is part of our ongoing commitment to paper waste.

Do I need to shrink wrap a pallet going to Amazon?

Yes, you must shrink-wrap all pallets going to Amazon fulfilment centres and ensure there is no loose cartons (boxes) on top.

Do I need to sign for the goods if they are damaged?

In the very unlikely event that your goods arrive damaged please sign the delivery note to accept the goods. Please ensure that you make a note of the damage. If you sign without referencing the damage, we will not be able to process an insurance claim on your behalf.

Do my goods have to be put on a pallet?

Yes, we are a pallet delivery service. All goods transported via Pallet Online must be securely placed on a pallet. Many items can be put onto pallets and you may find yourself putting items such as domestic appliances, car spares and parts, building materials, furniture. You can fit even more onto a pallet delivery for us to take to your chosen destination. 

You will be given a maximum of 15 minutes to pack and secure your goods onto a pallet once our driver has arrived. Due to health and safety plus liability, it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are on the pallet. Our driver cannot place goods onto a pallet and cannot help or assist in the packing of your pallet. Please ensure that large and heavy items are fully secured to the pallet with either ratchet straps or another method of strapping to ensure they are safe and secure during their journey.

We cannot supply empty pallets for the delivery of engines or house moves. These items must be pre-palletised before our driver arrives for collection.

Do we need to supply a fork-lift at delivery?

Yes, we do not offer fork-lift services at delivery locations. Our delivery vehicles do carry pallet trucks and are fitted with tail lifts that can carry a maximum weight of 750kg on and off the vehicle. Delivery and collection locations must have fork-lift facilities available if your pallet is more than 750kg in weight. If you have an oversized pallet that is beyond 2.1 metres in length the pallet will need to be fork lifted on and off the vehicle. It would be too long for a tail lift to safely move your goods.

Do you deliver goods to Europe?

Not at the moment, sorry. We’re purely focused on providing the best pallet delivery service possible to our customers within the UK and Ireland. From there we will expand out to the rest of the world, so keep an eye out for us! 

Do you deliver pallets at the weekend?

We don’t deliver anything over the weekend period. If your goods are already in transit over the weekend they will be placed at a secure depot. They will be taken care of until our drivers can get them to you on Monday.

Do you deliver to Amazon fulfilment centres?

Yes, we send pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres. We have a full section of the Pallet Online website dedicated to this service. Take a look at our Amazon fulfilment options. We are a preferred Amazon partner when it comes to getting your palletised goods to an Amazon.

Do you deliver to Europe?

We only operate our pallet delivery service within the UK and Ireland at the moment. We will be looking to break out into Europe later in the year, so please keep checking back.

Do you provide an arrival time for my pallet delivery?

You can follow your pallet delivery through our Track Order feature. To track your delivery you need either the Booking Job Number, the Web Ref Number or the delivery postcode and the website will do the rest.

If you do not have any of the numbers you can always login to your account and track any of the booked orders from the bookings area.

Do you send to overseas Amazon fulfilment centres?

At the moment we’re focused on providing a quality service within the UK. It is our ultimate aim to go worldwide with our service. For right now it’s just within the UK, but keep your eyes peeled for updates as we move forward.

Engines and gearboxes, can you collect them?

Yes, but there are strict guidelines you will required to adhere to when it comes to moving car parts. The items must be pre-palletised prior to our driver collection them. All oil and other fluids must be drained from them. They must be securely strapped with band or ratchet straps to the pallet. Please ensure that all checks are made to avoid a refusal of collection.

You will not be able to get a refund on a collection fee if the driver refuses to collect the goods for any of the above reasons.

How can I cancel my order?

Should you need to cancel your order for any reason please get in touch with us.

Please note there may be a cancellation fee for costs already incurred. It's best to let us know as soon as possible if you do need to make a cancellation. Alternatively you can also amend your order if you just need to make a correction.

How can I get a quote?

It's so simple! Get a free instant quote on our home page. You just need complete the four super quick steps of how many pallets, collection location, delivery destination and your email address and we will provide you with an instant pallet delivery quote. We generally don’t provide quotes over the phone or on email as our pricing matrix is always changing and it’s much better to get your instant quotation via the website.

How can I make an insurance claim?

Should you need to make an insurance claim please call us on 0845 658 0049 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Please ensure that you make a note of the claim details on your Proof of Delivery document. This will allow us to process your claim for you with our pallet network.

How do I label my pallet for Amazon?

You must label the pallet(s), on a minimum size of A4, with the following:

To: (Fulfiilment Centre Address), From: (Your Address), Purchase Orders, Number of Cartons, Number of Units, Pallet Count.

How long will it take my pallet to reach the Amazon fulfilment centre?

We can get your Amazon delivery to the fulfilment centre within 24 hours of collection. Same day collection and next day delivery is available for the early birds that order before 11.30am on weekdays. Please note that the maximum number of pallets we can pick up on the same day in most cases is 3 pallets. We require 24 hours’ notice if you require more than 3 pallets collecting. Please note that some fulfilment centres do not allow for 7 days a week delivery service. These include LBA3 - Monday only, LCY1 - Monday and Thursday only and XUKA is Wednesday only.

How will you get my pallet off the delivery vehicle?

Delivery vehicles are fitted with tail lifts and carry pallet trucks as standard. Our driver will move your pallet onto the tail lift of the truck. Using a pallet truck to ensure the goods are safely moved from his vehicle to your delivery location. The maximum weight a tail lift can carry is 750kg.

The surface for delivery must be flat and constructed of tar-mac or concrete. No pallet delivery service can move goods using a pump truck onto a gravel drive or grass surface as it’s unsafe to do so. All deliveries are kerb-side. Our drivers are unable to enter your premises during delivery of your goods.

How will you get my pallet on the collection vehicle?

All of our collection vehicles carry pallet trucks as standard and are fitted with tail lifts. Our driver will move your goods onto the tail left using a pallet truck and then safely onto his vehicle. Tail lifts can carry a maximum of 750kg in weight. To be able to use a pump truck correctly the surface at your collection point must be flat and constructed of either tarmac or concrete. Gravel drive and grass surfaces will result in our driver being unable to collect your goods. Please ensure that all collections are kerb-side as our drivers cannot enter your premises to collect goods.

I’m being quoted a more expensive price, why are you so cheap?

We’ve cut out the overheads so you don’t have to swallow any unnecessary costs. We use the best fleet of drivers within the UK to ensure all deliveries are dealt with to the highest standard. Cheap and quality go hand in hand with our cost-effective service ensuring your get the best return on investment possible.

I’ve missed my collection, what can I do?

The price you paid is for one collection and one pallet delivery attempt. Commercial vehicles are expensive to run and if the goods are not ready for collection, you don’t have someone at the collection point or there is a refusal of collection for access reasons then there will be an additional charge for another attempt.

We currently supply Amazon warehouses throughout the UK with a number of pallets each week.

Yes we are one of Amazons preferred suppliers any bookings that are made with ourselves we do need to be supplied with the ASN/FBA number, the unit count and the carton count this then allows our central hub to make the booking into Amazon.

For any prices that you may require please visit our homepage and tick "Amazon" through the booking stage.

What access do you need for collections?

Pallet collection locations must allow for our delivery vehicles to safely fit down your road. Our smallest vehicle is 7.5 ton. If you are uncertain please make a note of the access in your pallet delivery notes. We can then look into this for you.

What access is required for deliveries?

It is essential that our delivery vehicles can safely fit down your road. Please ensure this is possible before you schedule a pallet collection or delivery. The smallest vehicle we use is 7.5 ton. If you are unsure about access please let us know via a note in your order so we can look into the matter for you before you incur any additional costs for a rejected delivery. There must also be someone available at the delivery location when your pallet is due for arrival.

What goods are suitable for a pallet?

All sorts of goods can be securely placed on a pallet. Household appliances, motor spares and building materials are commonly transported on a pallet. Furniture, bicycles, turf and plenty of other items are also just fine to send on a pallet. The only goods not suitable are hazardous goods and used engines.

What happens if my items get damaged in transit?

We would like to say we never get anything wrong, however from time to time we may encounter an issue out of our control which could result in damage. If this happens we look to rectify as quickly as possible and settle the claim. All claims are paid out on weight of the goods.

What information do you need from me for Amazon?

We try to keep it as simple as possible for you. We will need you to provide us your collection location plus the fulfilment centre you wish to have your goods delivered to. Then just let us know how many pallets you need picking up. If you know it we’ll need your ASN or FBA number along with your PO number. Finally, we need a count on how many pallets you need along with carton and unit counts.

What is a 1/4 (Quarter) Pallet?

A 1/4 (quarter) pallet is simply a single pallet that when loaded takes up no larger space than 120cm (1.2m) length, 100cm (1m) width and 60cm (0.6m) height. The weight for a quarter pallet should be no greater than 250kg. Please ensure that your goods fit within the dimensions provided to avoid any additional costs.

What is a carton?

A carton is a box. Amazon need to know how many cartons/boxes of goods are on your pallet for delivery.

What is a Pallet?

A pallet is often made from wood (sometimes plastic) and it is a flat transportable structure. A pallet is designed to support a mixture of goods while in transport. The dimensions for a full-sized pallet that we will deliver for you are 1.2 metres x 1 metre. All goods must be placed securely on a pallet with strapping and/or shrink wrap plastic film. Goods must be secured so they will not move during transport. 

What is a PO number?

That’s your Purchase Order number which Amazon will provide you with.

What is an ASN number?

ASN stands for Amazon Shipment Notification. This is your Amazon reference ID, it begins with FBA followed by more characters. Look out for the FBA code on the Amazon shipment page.

What is an FBA number?

This is actually the same as the ASN number. Look out for the Amazon reference ID that starts with FBA and just go ahead and provide us with that code.

What is an oversized pallet?

An oversized pallet is when goods exceed the maximum dimensions of a pallet. You make it clear that you wish to send an oversized pallet by adding an oversized note in the delivery notes box during checkout. Please ensure you have selected an additional pallet for delivery. Our driver is likely to turn down your request to move the pallet upon arrival should he not have the relevant information. We cannot be held responsible if you did not stay within the guideline dimensions provided for a pallet.

What is the maximum carton size and weight that Amazon allow?

Amazon recommend that carton sizes should not exceed 63.5cm on any side. The weight of each carton should not exceed 30kg. We cannot be held responsible for a rejected delivery due to a carton being over the recommended weight or size. Any carton weighing between 15kg to 30kg must also be marked with “Heavy Package” which is viewable from both the top and sides of each heavy-weight container.

What is the maximum height and dimensions of a pallet going to Amazon?

The height of your pallet going to Amazon should not exceed 1.8 metres, including the height of the pallet. Pallets must be standard 4 way-access pallets with the dimensions of 1,200mm x 1,000 mm x 150m. The pallet must not exceed 500kg in weight. Pallets must be heat treated to ISPM-15 standard. All pallets must be shrink-wrapped.  Plastic pallets will not be accepted. Damaged or broken pallets will be rejected at the Amazon fulfilment centre, incurring additional costs. There must be no loose pallets on top.

Please see Amazon's Shipping and Routing Requirements for more information.

What shipping method do I need to select on Amazon for a pallet shipment?

You need to select LTL which stands for Less than a Truck Load for your pallet delivery to be accepted at the Amazon fulfilment centre.

What size pallet do I need to use?

Please see the standard pallet sizes below for our courier service.

If your goods are oversized for the pallet dimensions provided we can still send a pallet for you. Simply order an additional pallet for each size that protrudes the sizes stated beneath. If you order a pallet from us then it will come as the standard pallet size provided.

Standard UK Pallet Size
Length: 120cm (1.2m)
Width: 100cm (1m)
Height: 120cm (1.2m)
Max Weight: 1,200kg

Half Pallet Size
Length: 120cm (1.2m)
Width: 100cm (1m)
Height: 100cm (1m)
Max Weight: 500kg

Quarter Pallet Size
Length: 120cm (1.2m)
Width: 100cm (1m)
Height: 60cm (0.6m)
Max Weight: 250kg

What’s the cut off time to have my pallet collected today?

If you would like us to collect your pallet today then that’s not a problem. You just need to place an order by 11.30am during the week. That’s the cut off time for any same day collections to get onto our system. If your pallet needs to be wrapped we will need an additional 24 hours’ notice. We will also need the same amount of time should you wish to move more than three pallets on same day collection as no transport network for pallets can move more than three pallets from any one location on same day collection. If you're looking to place an order over the weekend, the earliest collection date will be Monday.

What’s the maximum size and weight pallet that Amazon allow?

Pallets must not exceed 180cm in height when single-stacked. The total weight of the pallet must not exceed 500kg.

When can I get the Proof of Delivery (POD)?

Please allow one to two weeks for your Proof of Delivery to become available. This is due to the way Amazon handle deliveries into their fulfilment centres. Our delivery network will drop off an entire trailer of goods to Amazon and then collect the Proof of Delivery upon recollecting the trailer.

When is the latest you will collect a pallet?

Our latest pick up time for a pallet collection is 5PM. We will endeavour to provide you with estaimted time of arrivals throughout the day should you need it.

When will you collect my pallets?

You can request morning (9am to 1pm) or afternoon (12pm to 5.30pm). We also give you the availability to change the collection date to another day or a specific time. Please note that no pallet delivery service can send more than three pallets on a same day collection.

Should you wish to send more than three pallets it would need to go out the following day, this is the same for everyone in this industry due to network restrictions at depots. Some depots such as around Scotland also do not offer same day collection, but we’ve already worked out who can and who can’t offer this service during the checkout process we make everything as clear as possible for you so you know exactly what you’re getting when you use Pallet Online.

Where can I get a pallet?

DIY stores such and B&Q are a good place to find pallets. You can also get pallets for free from industrial estates. Companies often have these in abundance and would be happy for you to take them off their hands. We strongly recommend that customers pre-palletise their goods prior to collection for your pallet delivery. 

Where can I get my Bill of Lading?

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is essentially a Proof of Delivery (POD). These are made available to us after your pallet(s) are delivered to an Amazon fulfilment centre. It can take between 7 to 14 days to be added to our since once your delivery has been completed.

Why do you offer different pallet sizes?

We offer different pallet sizes to ensure you get the best rate possible for a safe collection and delivery of your pallet. Please ensure you measure your goods correctly before ordering.

Will you collect bricks or similar goods?

These goods can be tricky to move and there are strong guide lines to ensure the safe transport of such heavy goods. These items should be palletised by yourself before our arrival and they must not exceed the perimeter of the pallets edges, if they are oversized in any way we cannot move them. The maximum weight for these heavy goods is 1,200kg and you must stick to that. If your pallet is too heavy feel free to load the additional bricks or heavy good onto an additional pallet.

Will you deliver an oversized pallet?

Yes, please make it clear that your pallet is oversized by adding a delivery note about it. You must also select an additional pallet for delivery. So, if you’re delivering one oversized pallet you must select two pallets and pay for both due to the additional space an oversized pallet would take up. If you fail to make this clear our driver will reject the load and you may not be eligible for a refund.

Will you deliver to Amazon on my chosen day?

Yes, Amazon sometimes instructs us to deliver your freight in line with their own booking system. We will manage this for you but it may mean we will deliver your freight a day late or possibly a day early. If Amazon make any changes to the booking slot we will communicate this to you.

You an still track your goods the same way, from the client area of from the homepage tracking link.